Integrated Security Solutions
Integrated Security Solutions
Today’s security threats to industry and commerce, along with more stringent compliance codes and standards, highlight the need for more comprehensive and integrated solutions. Pancomm offers Integrated Security solutions that combine deep knowledge of each customer with innovative technologies that can elevate an organization’s security plan to a new level of cost-effective, integrated efficiency.


The use of security camera systems to prevent crime is a growing international phenomenon. This article details the ever expanding use of integrated security solutions and video surveillance in California. Security cameras are used to monitor crime hotspots in city centers and all major sporting arenas. A number of factors have combined to make analog and IP technology essential to small, medium to large businesses in the United States.


The increase in the demand for video surveillance equipment has pushed prices down....


Panacomm specializes in analog and IP camera systems, Here are a few facts and reasons why you should consider integrated security systems:

  • Scalability. The larger the Facility being secured.
  • The requirement of high quality and video definition brings up the need of Megapixel IP cameras.
  • Enable the integration of other network applications.
  • As the demand for intergated security systems expands, the cost of equipment continues to decrease.
  • Organizations of every size and nature use video surveillance system to protect their assets and staff.
Additionally, video surveillance utilizing analog and IP cameras with pan-tilt-zoom capability can do the job that only a few years ago would have taken several Closed Circuit TV cameras to perform. The result is lower cost to the consumer both for initial system installation and/or expansion. We are committed to remaining at the forefront of today's emerging security technologies, with particular emphasis on digital video and internet based remote monitoring/video streaming products. Design - The company provides comprehensive design of integrated systems based on the unique requirements of each application.



We protect what we cherish most, our children. We provide Integrated Security Systems with IP cameras giving parents and school staff peace of mind that our children are learning in a loving and safe environment.



K-12 Education




Newer security cameras provide a wide range of flexibility. Whether you prefer a bird-eyes view, a 180 degrees "Panoramic" view of your store-front, a 360 degrees watch on your warehouse, or night vision of an outdoor parking lot, Panacomm has the appropriate solution to protect your staff and your assets.



Shopping Centers

Retail Stores

Office Buildings


We help you to make a difference while providing HIPPA compliant security for your healthcare organization.

Non-Profit Organizations

Enjoy the same level of peace of mind that cutting edge fortune 500 companies enjoy when it comes to Integrated Security System. We offer especial discounts directly from the manufacturer to non-profit organizations.

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