Data Networks
Data Networks
    Our data networks solution is designed to ensure that your local-area networks (LAN), and wide-area networks (WAN) and WiFi wireless data solutions are configured for optimum performance. Panacomm's experienced network architects and consultants analyze your network requirements to develop a plan for your new implementation or performance improvement on an existing one.
Local Area Networks (LAN)
    Whether you need to set up a new network or optimize and upgrade an existing one, we take care of every critical step, from structured cabling to configuration to accomodate for your communication needs.
Wide Area Networks (WAN)
    Our experts know how to tune you WAN so that it can effectively relay data among employees, clients, buyers, and suppliers from various geographical locations. This mode of telecommunication allows your business to effectively carry out its daily function regardless of location.
WiFi - Wireless Data Solutions
    Panacomm will help you set up a robust Wifi network where your business can exchange telecommunication data wirelessly at high speed connections.
Data Network Optimization
    Data Network optimization is a critical design step for organizations that use high-bandwidth and delay-sensitive applications. It is also essential to ensure that Quality of Service (QoS) requirements are met. >Our network engineers can recommend a variety of techniques to exceed your goals for network performance, scalability, availability and manageability.
Data Network Protection
  • Network Boundary Protection, including Managed Services for Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSS), and Virtual Private Networks (VPNS)
  • Security Monitoring (may be included In network boundary protection)
  • Incident Management, including Emergency Response and Forensic Analysis. (this service may be in addition to security monitoring.)
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • Anti-Virus and Content Filtering Services
  • Information Security Risk Assessments
  • Data Archiving and Restoration
  • On-site Consulting



Even with the most powerful servers, software and other components, a poorly configured network can compromise both the reliability and availability of your information infrastructure.

Network Bandwidth

Data Network bandwidth bottlenecks and packet-transmission delays are a common source of performance problems among today's multi-user network applications.

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