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The use of Surveillance and monitoring equipment remains the top choice...


The use of security camera systems to prevent crime is a growing international phenomenon. This article details the ever expanding use of CCTV and video surveillance in California. Closed Circuit TV cameras are used to monitor crime hotspots in city centers and all majorsporting arenas. A number of factors have combined to make Closed Circuit TV the technology of choice formost small, medium to large businesses in the United States (along with the rest of the world!).


The increase in the demand for video surveillance equipment has pushed prices down....


Panacomm specializes in analog and IP camera systems, there are few facts and reasons to consider an IP camera system solution:


  • Scalability. The larger the Facility being secured.
  • The requirement of high quality and video definition brings up the need of Megapixel IP cameras.
  • Enable the integration of other network applications.
  • As the demand for CCTV products expands, the cost of closed circuit tv equipment continues to decrease.
  • All but the smallest company can now afford to install a video surveillance system to protect their assets and staff.


Additionally, video surveillance and CCTV cameras with pan-tilt-zoom capability can do the job that only a few years ago would have taken several Closed Circuit TV cameras to perform. The result is lower cost to the consumer both for initial system installation and/or expansion. We are committed to remaining at the forefront of today's emerging security technologies, with particular emphasis on digital video and internet based remote monitoring/video streaming products. Design - The company provides comprehensive design of integrated systems based on the unique requirements of each application.



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